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Inventory of anthocyanin hidden benefits

       Anthocyanins are constitutes one of the major pigments in petals and fruit color, it can be said that food color is deep, the anthocyanin content is higher. And even the same kind of food, the color depth of the anthocyanin content of different are different, the experts pointed out that in ordinary life, human should try to eat more rich in anthocyanins food. Because this kind of water soluble pigment is very beneficial to the health of human body, can not only physical health, but also has the role of prevention and treatment of disease.

       1. cancer 

       Now all kinds of cancer incidence rate is increasing, and this poor dietary habits and environmental pollution have a big factor, so we can not only through the correct eating habits to prevent cancer, while anthocyanins also has anti-cancer effect is very good. Cancer is mostly because the free radical damage genetic material (DNA) caused by anthocyanins, and has the role of indirect protection of genetic material, so as to let go against various cancer we better. 

       Besides anthocyanins also has the function of eliminating free radical, so often eat this kind of food can make cancer cells cannot successful diffusion, thus protecting more healthy cells from cancer cells erosion.

       2. protect eyesight

       Many people in life often because of various reasons and decreased visual acuity situation, declining eyesight caused not only our eyes blurred, there is also likely to affect our normal life and work. But if we want to avoid the decreased visual acuity, in addition to pay attention to develop good habits and posture, in ordinary life, eat more rich in anthocyanins food also can avoid eyesight decline. Found in the clinical medicine research report, anthocyanins can promote the regeneration of retinal cells in the prevention of porphyrins, which effectively severe myopia and retinal detachment.

       And anthocyanins can also help us improve in dim light vision, this is very advantageous to often study review and overtime population. And anthocyanins can also speed up the regeneration of rhodopsin "ability", so as to improve the visual acuity.

       3. beauty skin care

       All the time since anthocyanins also has “ skin cosmetics &rdquo oral; reputation, that is to say in ordinary life, eat more rich in anthocyanins food, can play a very good skin care effect. And often taking anthocyanins can also prevent skin wrinkles of the early generation, it can be said that the most effective antioxidant in nature. Anthocyanin can not only help us to defer consenescence, also can supplement the nutrition and the elimination of harmful free radicals, thus make our skin more delicate health.

       So there are a variety of skin problems, people should eat more rich in anthocyanins in ordinary life, food, such as blueberries, the 95% component is a natural substance called anthocyanin, so it can be appropriate to eat.

       4 free radical scavenging

       It can be said that the body free radicals are the factors leading to aging and disease induced by us, if we do not pay attention to periodically remove it, it will seriously harm to human health. While the main role of anthocyanins is scavenging free radicals, although vitamin also has this effect, but before reaching the active site was oxidized and lose their activity. Anthocyanin can maintain and enhance the vitamin in human activity, therefore it has the role of free radical scavenging.

       These are the functions and role of anthocyanins, of course, its effect not only these, in addition to like to enhance immunity, prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Therefore, in normal life, should try to eat more dark color of food, to supplement the anthocyanin.