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What are the main role of zinc

        Whether adult or the babies and infants, in ordinary life, we should pay special attention to understand zinc role, and pay attention to eat more food rich in zinc, so as to ensure the health of. Experts pointed out that the zinc effect on human character is very broad, not only can enhance the immunity of the human body effectively, at the same time for men also ensures the normal sexual function. Long time zinc words very large harm to human body, not only easily lead to decreased resistance, even induce cancer.

        1.maintain visual

        Many people in life often because of work and long time facing the computer and desk work, so long will cause eye fatigue, thus appears to have decreased visual acuity situation. For this part of the crowd, in addition to long time with the eye excessive will lead to decreased visual acuity, long time of zinc deficiency can be one of the most common causes of decreased vision. Therefore, in ordinary life, should try to let the eye rest, in addition can also pay attention to zinc. Zinc was able to protect the eyes and to maintain normal vision, because it can promote the absorption of vitamin A effect. Vitamin A is essential for the health of the eye, the absorption of vitamin A cannot do without zinc.

        2. normal sexual function

        Many men because of unknown cause and affect the normal function and spermatogenesis, resulting in male infertility. In fact, there are many reasons for male infertility, including zinc deficiency is a common. Zinc exist in the male testis, and it is also involved in sperm whole generation, maturation and capacitation process. Once the male body long zinc deficiency, it will lead to a sharp drop in the number of sperm, besides the ability of sperm will also appear in the decline of the.

Zinc deficiency of men also may occur with semen non liquefaction phenomenon, eventually leading to male infertility. Therefore reminds the male, in ordinary life, we must pay attention to zinc supplement, so as to ensure the normal fertility.

        3.The brain function of

        Zinc also has the effects of regulating brain physiology function to human body, it can be said that the role of zinc in various mammalian brain physiology in regulation plays a very key. And it is regulated in the enzyme and receptor in multiple function is also essential, if the human body for a long time if zinc deficiency is likely to affect the structure and function of the nervous system. The latest study found that there is a great relationship between the occurrence and development of obsessive-compulsive disorder and mental obstacles such as lack of zinc. Biosynthesis and DNA and RNA and zinc and protein are closely related, if long time of zinc deficiency and may cause the human body words appear to have emotional instability, paranoia, depression, emotional stability decreased etc.

        4.enhance immunity of

        The role of zinc in the human body is very extensive, guarantee the supplement of zinc in normal life, but also can effectively increase the immunity of the human body. Zinc is the development of immune organ thymus nutrients, only the number enough to effectively ensure the normal development of thymus, and differentiation of T lymphocytes promotes cell immune function. These are the most common zinc in daily life function, it can not only the human body each organ and tissue function effectively guarantee the normal, but also can enhance the body resistance to disease, so as to prevent and cure diseases purpose.