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       Standard GMP management + precise Germany Technology + Strict inspection, provide you a healthy new life.

       * GMP certificate issued by Shandong Provincial Department of Health

       * Processed under Germany quality management system

       * Level A certificate Issued by Shandong Provincial Department of Health

       * Sanitary Qualification Certificate for Export Issued by China National Regulatory Committee for Certification and Accreditation 

       Our clean workshop,equipments and facilities,are established strictly in accordance with our national GMP management for pharmaceutical products.The administrative,residential and manufacturing area are located logically,pedestrian and material flow are independently situated,up to the standard of GMP management and requirements for food exporting.the steel equipments are purchased from domestic and foreign markets,together with trained professional technicians,we produce strictly based on specifications.

       We set up a complete quality control system,strctly in accordance with GMP specificaytion for health food exporting,implemented by our raw materials purchasing,manufacturing and finished products.Meanwhile we imported Agilent gas chrmoatograph,liquid chromatograph and atomic absorption sprctrophotometer from the U.S.A to assure our analysis and products quality up to the atandard of European and American specification.

       About 30% of our workers are professional technicians.With the support and cooperration of our Garman partner,we have exported granulates.We also have a very good cooperation with several universities,especially Yantai University.Devoted to the research and development of various microalgae,we are sure our new microalgae products will come out in succession soon.